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US Opus #4
St. Philomena Catholic Church
Labadieville, Louisiana USA

This 10-rank, 13-stop, 2-manual instrument has suspended tracker action throughout, electro-mechanical stop action, and is also equipped with a 32-stage memory combination action and a mechanically balanced Swell pedal. There are 5 general pistons and each manual has 5 divisional pistons. Mechanical couplers include Sw./Pedal, Gt./Pedal, and Sw./Gt. Opus #4 was designed completely by Mr. Cook, and constructed in his workshop located in Thibodaux, Louisiana.

A Work in Progress
The membership and church authorities of the historic St. Philomena Catholic Church in Labadieville, Louisiana saw the need for a new pipe organ for the church's rear gallery/choir loft. With concerns for both aesthetics and longevity, the organ committee contacted and ulitmately commissioned Cook Church Organs. Inc., for the building of a new tracker-action instrument. Across the page, one can see the work beginning to take shape.


Low-pressure winding system,
includes solid wood trunking


Installation of hornbeam
wood trackers.

In the Thick of Things
Across, Adrian Cook is situated between the Great and Swell rollerboards connecting the trackers to enable the function of the keys of the two manuals. This new suspended mechanical action offers especially sensitive control over the way in which the pipes speak in response to the organist's touch; the floating action automatically compensates for seasonal changes.

Nearing Completion
Across, with all other components installed, the arrangement of the pipework begins. Each individual pipe has its own assigned place on top of the slider chests, except for the working facade pipes which receive their wind from from off-note blocks which in turn receive their wind directly from the chests. Once all of the pipework is installed, the meticulous process of regulating and voicing begins, making the sound of the finished instrument and the sanctuary in which it is housed perfect partners for the glory of both worship and concert experiences.


The installation of
facade pipework begins